Wednesday, October 17, 2018

the enemies

so this is my first  free write and we were able to write about anything we wanted to and like always i chose fortnite.  I chose fortnite because it is my all time game and this is from the holidays.  And i hope you enjoy[: 

The enemies

Kia ora my name is Noah and this is my story.
It was me vs 100  i was trying my hardest to get a win.  I was in a big town called tilted towers. I had a gun called the  bolt action.  The bolt action is short for bolt. It is a long range weapon that can see from any range but then    i saw someone among the hills i tried my first shot bang 100 shield taken away from him.

The he started building a little one by one he built the last stairs i was waiting for him to peek while i was waiting in my sniper tower.  But then in a flick of a flash he peeked hi little head bang! bang! 2 shots fired 1 shot made it but the other didn't he shot 1 bang! shots fired he hit me for a hundred shield.  Then i started to med up i popt on 2 big shields i peeked again bang! shots fired i hit him 100 shield the bang! again i killed him with my bolt.

Then i built a floor then i put down a launch pad i launched to his loot then he had a heavy sniper so let me tell you what a heavy sniper is.  A heavy sniper is a 150 damage hit in the head  and it can break through anything in its path.  Also it can be found as a epic and a gold so that what a heavy sniper is.  Ok now to the fight it was just me vs 1 i had 8 kills i reloaded all my guns ready for battle. But the i saw a big sniper tower with someone in it so then he peeked a little bit bang! went 150 health from the enemies health. He had no healing i tried to shoot his sniper tower but then he launch pad over to my tower bang! i shot him in mid air and killed i was freaking out when i did it then i started dancing when  i git the win.  So that was my story i hope you liked it[:


  1. hello noah i really like you story about fortnite i have played it once or twice but i always died but it was fun and i enjoyed it awesome work

    happy blogging from anthony

  2. i like your story on fortnite i have played a few rounds but im not as good as you because i only have one kill total but i think its cool that you won and i think its really good and lots of writing but maybe fix your spelling mistakes

  3. i like your story about fortnite I have played it a bunch of times but i quited playing because i just realized that it got really boring but you did great on this free writing and keep doing more or no if you dont