Thursday, March 8, 2018

I am poem

So what i found hard was that i had to find all the things about me and i had to write it all down and my i am poem is about my life and hope you enjoy reading it.

I Am Poem

I am Noah                                                                
I am  Helpful,Smart                                                   
I wonder If i’m gonna have a good future                         
I hear  rain dripping from the sky                                                                                           
I see  trees blowing in  the wind                                                                                  
I want to be good at rugby                                             
I pretend i got super powers                                                                  
 I am Noah                                                                           
I feel happy when something good happens                                                                                                   
I touch my dog when its heart.                                                                          
I worry when my Mum   cries.
I cry when somebody dies.
I am Noah.
I understand when people cry
I say that dinosaurs are still real.    
I dream that i live in a mansion.
I try everything my hardest.
I hope i have a good future                                                                    

I am Noah


  1. hi my name is James. I love your poembut maybe next time you could write more about your self.

    1. thanx for your comment i will like to see your blog

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  3. Kia ora Noah it is max I like your I am poem.i like how you put capitals and other thing in the i am poem. here is the link to my blog if you want to check out my blog

  4. ki ora noah good job noah.