Tuesday, July 31, 2018

great white shark

so this is my shark report and if you read it,it will show the appearance,habitat,behavior, and diet and if you read the behavior it will show you how the shark eats it's prey.  And in diet it will show you what it eats and i hope you learn a lot about sharks and enjoy reading.


  1. Hi my name James and I am in Year 5 and got to St Patrick's
    primary school. I really enjoyed your slideshow on the great white shark. You have a lot of great and interesting information. Maybe next time spread it out a bit more on 2 or 3 slides. I have seen a shark close up when I was out on a boat one time.

  2. hi noah my name is jack from st patricks school i like your work on great white sharks but next like what james said spread it out more.

  3. Hi Jack and James
    thanks you guys for commenting back on my blog and i will make sure to check your guys blogs out and BLOG you later!!!!.