Thursday, March 15, 2018

why is Kawakawa a good school

Kawakawa is not just good it’s the best school in northland . It's the best school because we have awesome teachers,and awesome student’s.
The teachers teach us and we teach the junior  what’s good and bad.they copy from us so if they do something bad that’s on us  seniors. So that’s why we try to set a good example for them and do good.Like if we do something bad they will copy us,and that won’t make  us look nice to the junior’s.
To finish off we are the models of Kawakawa primary
School so we have to show a good  leadership.

why this is an important part of our school.

Our marae is special because it is a place we gather together and we sing songs,have Taumata, have announcements and Welcome new students with a powhiri.Every  morning  when we have taumata we have 4 speakers who
Each stand up so one sings the song,one says the prayer,one says their pepeha, and there's one that thanks the kids for standing up.
We do it because it's great to start the day with our whanau
If we don't have a marae what do you think our school be like?
Not the morning that we always have.And the teachers won’t be able
To share announcements to their awesome students.And we wouldn't be able to share morning all together.


  1. Hi Noah, It's Sachary and I'm just here to say that I like the way you explain how KawaKawa Primary School is the best school and has the best people with you to learn with.

    1. thank you for repling and thanx for checking out my blog and i will check your blog out

      so blog you out